Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hiatus is almost over

ahhh. It feels good to be back here. 

After a much longer hiatus than anticipated (due to a crazy summer work schedule, moving and starting a new school) I'm finally ready to return in the new year. Unfortunately my computer is not so ready. However, I'm planning on taking him in to an Apple Genius sometime this week and unload his poor, overstuffed brain onto an external hard drive and then hopefully have some new materiel up for you sometime next week. 

Prepare for some new things coming your way, I'm thinking less fashion more lifestyle, and a lot more fun  consecutive themed posts (think last years 7 Deadly Sins series: LustGreed SlothEnvyGluttonyWrathPride

I also want to bring more of me into the blog. Fashion is only one tiny part of who I am and I really want to bring in my other passions of music and action sports into this if  I can.

I'm excited for the change and to get back into the blogosphere, although postings will most likely be occurring once or twice a week instead of the daily regimen i tried to follow before.