Thursday, February 28, 2008

Putting The Olsens On Your Bookshelf

So midterms are upon me which means tons and tons of papers to write and books to read. Today's post has nothing to do with weather and is just a little blurp of news. Hopefully regular posting will resume soon!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Makes You Feel Powerful?

It's that time of week again! What Would Wintour Do Wednesday this week is dedicated to this months Vogue and tied in to another installment of building a wardrobe.  

On to the forecasts and the power inducing wardrobe essentials...

That's all folks! Have a great day feeling in charge! Feel free to leave a comment with your personal feel good item that can boost your mood and dwindle your fears! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's post is going to be a short one due to all the work I have to get through today! After all the dresses and tights we've been seeing lately I'm ready to give my legs a rest. These fabulous and original pants are appearing all over the attendees of Paris and Milan fashion week and have been spotted by

That's all I got for you guys today! But I'll be sure to bring you more fashion news tomorrow.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Good, The Red & The Ugly

Good morning everyone! So today is my first day with complete nation coverage! So as usual with changes, I would love to hear all of your opinions so please leave your comments on whether you like or dislike these changes, or if you have any other ideas to improve this blog! 
With that said, we have A LOT  to get through today, so let's start with the forecasts. Today's inspiration is pulled from the guests of Milan fashion week, which has just ended. So with that, I give to you the stylish fashionistas of Milan.

Images from

Okay, on to the red carpet! The Oscars this wear were celebrating their 80th year and what a better way to celebrate then with everyone showing up and the writer strike over! While I would have liked to see Juno win more (mainly because it's the only movie I actually saw), I can' t really complain about anything accept maybe some of the dress choices! So, since I know nothing about the actual movies, let's move on to the red, and let me say it was a very RED carpet.
Cameron Diaz looked flawless in this pale Dior gown. There was something so effortless about her loosely tied blond hair and natural makeup, I just loved the whole look.
Keri Russel parted from her usual laid back style and really glammed things up for the red carpet. I, for one, really loved seeing this new side of Keri and thought she pulled off this Nina Ricci dress. Her hair and make up flawlessly followed suit and she had my favorite Oscar look. 
Hilary Swank, who I've never really been a fan of, really looked great in this dramatic, black Versace number. 
Jennifer Garner's Oscar De La Renta wasn't my favorite, but some how with her perfect hair, make-up and jewelry choices she really pulled this look together and look amazing. 
Red dresses really took over the red carpet this year. Perhaps as an ode to the legendary Valentino red after his retirement? Everyone who chose this route looked great and really pulled off this daring color. 
Anne Hathaway's Marchesa dress was a beautiful one shouldered embellished piece and she really pulled off that color.
Heidi Klum (who I can't figure out for the life of me why she was there?) wore a red John Galliano dress that I have to say I don't think anyone but her could pull off.
Katherine Heigl, who is another person I have pretty much always hated on the red carpet till now, really looked stunning in this bold red Escada gown. 
Miley Cyrus, again another random guest, rocked the red. Now, I'm not going to lie, I sort of adore Hannah Montana (I mean she has the best of both worlds!) and must admit this 15 year old is growing on me. Her red dress really was a Valentino and she looked fabulously chic and sophisticated in it. 

Okay now for the not so pretty... Now while Amy Adams' Proenza Schouler dress was a stunning shade and looked great on her, she makes the ugly list because of that little gold bag. While you may be thinking, "but that bag works and is cute!" here's what's wrong, THERE IS NOTHING IN IT. While watching E!'s Red Carpet special, they asked her to hold it up and it was completely empty, nothing was in it. Why not just wear a fabulous gold cuff instead of toting around a completely useless purse. I know that may be a harsh reason to put her on my worst dressed list but if that doesn't scream fashion victim I don't know what else does. Marion Cotillard, whom I adore and am so pleased she won, sorta blew it for me this time around. She usually looks sophisticated and so french! But something about this scale-y, white gown was a little off. Okay, Tilda Swinton just looked creepy. While Lanvin is one of my favorite designers, this dress just did not look good on Swinton and she looked very um, alien. Besides Miley Cyrus, I was pretty disappointed by the young-ins. Saoirse Ronan's dress color matched her eyes perfectly giving her a VERY creepy look, and Ellen Page just looked SO blah and so plain jane. 

ANY WAY, enough of the Oscars, enough with today's super long post. Paris fashion week begins today so I'm SO EXCITED for that. Don't forget to let me know what you think of the new forecast and feel free to share your Oscar opinions! Have a great day everyone! 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Feel The Winds A Changin'

So today I'm going to introduce a change in my blog. Instead of focusing on 4 cities, I'm going to instead break things down into 5 main regions in order to expand my audience! So, while I won't be giving as in detail weather reports, I'll be able to bring you more detailed fashion reports. I'll still bring you your fashion needs and major weather things to look for. For a more detailed look at the weather for your location, please check out 
I've been spending today catching up on homework and watching Freedom Writers (incredible movie!) So I thought I would post a birthday update and the fabulous fashion stuff I got. 
I got this fabulous black Marc by Marc Jacobs tote and these beautiful heart Tiffanys earrings, as well as the book "The Meaning of Sunglasses" by Hadley Freeman, which I haven't been able to put down since I got it. So thank you mom and dad for all that, and thank you everyone who sent me wishes, cards and just spent a fabulous birthday with me. 

Academy Awards tonight! Look for my favorite red carpet looks tomorrow! 

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great in Gucci

So today's post doesn't focus on today's weather, but rather TONIGHT'S! So for all you Saturday night party goers, I pulled some weather ready fashion inspiration from Milan's Fashion Week. Gucci's Fall 08 Ready-To-Wear collection is super chic, rock and roll. Black basics with gold add-ons creates the perfect rocker chick look. 

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend. I'm working on some changes for tomorrow so stay tuned and check it out!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Birthday Update!


So it's my birthday! So today's post is dedicated to all those fashion phases I have gone in and out of through out my 20 years. And let's just say some weren't so pretty. So don't take these TOO literally. Have fun, pay homage to the past and laugh a little bit and enjoy this trip down memory lane!

And in honor of the birthday party i'm throwing tonight, where the dress is "cocktail attire", I thought I would share some inspiration and ideas pulled from La Perla yesterday from Milan Fashion Week 08. These dresses are all incredibly chic and feminine and the perfect cocktail length!
and now i'm off to enjoy my birthday and my first day in my 20s!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Punkin' It Up With Burberry

Today is What Would Wintour Do Wednesday! But first things first. Milan fashion week is very exciting so far and for today's weather report I pulled from the Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2008 collection. It definitely was very "Burberry" and really added a feminine, romantic level to their usual grungy/punk attire. Soft pieces gone grunge. 

And now on to our weekly fix of Wintour.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missoni Does Milan

We're doing things a little backwards today. Milan fashion week has officially begun and we're off to a strong start. Missoni showed on the first day and boy how I love Missoni knits. The runway show was filled with classic Missoni knits but definitely had a strong '70s feel to it. 
So today, let's pull ideas from this show into our looks. Celebs, especially those styled by Rachel Zoe, have been fans of the Italian designer for a long time. Using Nicole Richie (who is VERY fond of these knits) and Mischa Barton, we'll take the looks off the runway and into everyday wear. 

So I hope you all have a colorful, zig-zaggy day! 2 days until my birthday!! See you guys all this afternoon for a "how I did it" Missoni update. 

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents' Day everyone! For most of you that means a day off and a nice long weekend. Unfortunately for us going to school here in Champaign that means pretty much nothing. However, todays inspiration is probably one of the greatest things any president has ever given to us, Jackie O. Her chic style and use of clean basics is a look anyone can emulate. So let's get to the forecast!

I also thought what better day to present part one of my "Building A Wardrobe" series than today. Part one introduces what I call the "Power Team". Every piece of your wardrobe, in a basic black, and Jackie O was one lady who really knew the power of a great black shirt.
The first thing on my list would be a collection of plain black shirts. My favorites, all available from American Apparel, are a black racer back tank, a black V-neck tee, and a black crew neck long sleeve or sweater. While you don't need these three cuts, it's good to have a tank, either racer or beater style, a short sleeve with a flattering neckline, and a sweater or long sleeve shirt. 
The second thing is a group of basic bottoms: a black knee length pencil skirt, a mini skirt and a pair of skinny black jeans. All three are incredibly chic and can be dressed up or down and are amazingly versatile. 
Of course making the list is the LBD (little black dress). This is essential for any well balanced wardrobe. While a casual AND a dressed up version are best, if you can't have more than one, try to find a black dress that you can dress up or down like this Juicy Couture dress shown above. 
Last but not least is shoes, I'm a huge fan of my black shoes. There are three essentials. One would be a pair of basic black ballet flats perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Second would be a pair of plain, black pumps and third would be a black boot. I happen to have three black boots, a rain boot, a leather boot, and a pair of black Uggs. While only one pair is necessary, I use them so much, I like to have a boot available for whatever the weather might throw my way! 
I hope this first installment of building a wardrobe helps all of you complete and build upon your own wardrobe at home! Thanks for this great idea Amy!  More tips will be on their way in the coming weeks!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm back! After a brief hiatus due to a MASSIVE spring cleaning endeavor I'm back and ready to report to you all your fashion and weather needs! Let's first get to the weekly weather reports. 

Now because it's less than a week till my birthday and my birthday party is tonight I thought it would be fun (and because I know my parents read this!) to give you all an insight on things that inspire me and that I'm wishing for. I hope this gives you some ideas for your own shopping trips and inspiration!
1. Eye Candy- Who can resist the charm and elegance and timelessness of Audrey Hepburn. This photo book, Audrey Hepburn: A Life In Pictures, chronicles her iconic style and charm. Another book I want for my collection and inspiration is this Lanvin book. Written in part by none other than current designer, Alber Elbaz it's totally drool worthy. Both these books are available at and can be found by clicking the above links.

2. Who doesn't want to save the legendary Britney Spears from her current trainwreck and witness a comeback? Okay a lot of people don't, but I for one will remain loyal to BSpears no matter what and love these tee-shirts available through

3. I also love embellished headbands right now. I particularly love the simplicity of this knotted band by Rachel Pally available at and this bejeweled headband available at 

4. I was first introduced to this Stella McCartney scent when my best friend (love ya sass!) brought this with us on a recent trip. This perfectly portable and airport friendly roll-on perfume, available exclusively at Sephora stores and, is perfect for toting along in your purse for whenever you feel like you need a little fresh and fabulous pick-me-up.

5. Eeps! This is the big dream gift. Kanye West tickets for his US tour Glow In The Dark have gone on sale and what an incredible tour it will be! Kanye is bringing along Rhianna, N.E.R.D., and Lupe Fiasco. Tickets are going fast and I'm hoping, thanks to my parents and Sarah, to fly home to California for a few days to get to see this amazing show! Tickets available at

6. The last little wish on my list is this adorable gold Rachel Leigh Audrey Bow Ring. It's simplicity is sweet and girly. I just love what a delicate, chic piece it is and the price won't break the bank either. Available at

Friday, February 15, 2008

I know I said I would post again tonight but I didn't and I'm not going to post today. I just want any one who was affected by the shootings at Northern Illinois University to know that they are in my prayers. This is a scary time and has hit very close to home this time around, let's hope for peace and stricter gun control laws, we clearly really need them. 

be safe. 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve...Okay, Well, My Neck

Hope everyone's Valentine's Day is going splendid. I myself got some beautiful flowers (thanks mom and dad!) and am loving all the little heart socks and lockets popping up around campus (not to mention an abundance of flowers and heart-shaped balloons!) Any way, here is my celebratory look for the day.
Today I'll be posting an extra special THIRD post on date night/ girls night out for tonight. So tune back in later for my heart filled fun!

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Hope you have plans with that special someone, or if not (like me) still appreciate all the hearts, pink and red involved in this fun day! That being said, I have a color appropriate post for everyone, so let's get started. 

For those of us with not such great weather, bundle up but don't forget to show some red. I think these folks do it best, whether it's just a shoe, a simple scarf or a sweater, these bold punches of color give a fun shout out to cupid without being overwhelming (although on holidays why not have fun and be overwhelming!) However, girls in Champaign be warned, this is NOT the day for cute ruffly skirts and loose fitting dresses as the wind is going to be quite strong, so wear something wardrobe-malfunction-proof.
For tonight, although the event happened over a week ago, I couldn't help but pull from Madonna and Gucci's New York UNICEF bash. All the power couples (and power singles!) of Hollywood showed up and seemed to favor dashing red and great couple ensembles. If you have a big date tonight or are just going out with friends pull some inspiration from these Hollywood hotshots who are wearing today's colors so right.
Ellen Pompeo looks absolutely chic in a simple black dress and Louboutin low ankle boots, and her counterpart looked dashing in a suit with a black sweater underneath. TomKat showed up looking great, Kate looking incredibly smashing in a tight bright red dress. And Gwen and Gavin looked great in all black.
As far as the single gals go, a pink or red short tube dress will do the trick. Or Rachel Zoe's long dress and dramatic neckline. All so fun!
Hope everyone has a great Vday! I'll see you all later today for my Mid-Day Update!  And I've also got some exciting requests for posts that I'll be incorporating this weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mid-Day Update!

Do to positive feedback on yesterdays mid-day update, i decided to do it again! I kinda like posting twice a day. Anyway, hope everyones day is going well so far, and enjoy!

WWWD Wednesday

I have decided to dedicate today, and every Wednesday from here on out to the god of fashion herself. WWWD, What Would Wintour Do Wednesdays (I love alliteration if you couldn't tell!) It's such a treat with all the fashion weeks going on that we get to see more of the ever chic and fabulous Anna Wintour. Since she can do no wrong, (since she does after all dictate fashion) who better to pull todays outfits from. Seen here with her signature bob, Wintour daringly wears a floral dress in winter. So why not, after a week of dark and muted colors, give it a try. This look gets me excited for spring and warmer weather (think Prada Resort Collection 08!) and is easy to customize to whatever your current weather situation may be. So without further ado, the weather...
(and for those of you not familiar with Anna Wintour, she is the Editor in Chief of Vogue.)

Intimidated by her greatness? Fear not, the look is very easily pulled off! 
Back to fashion week du jour. A whole new side of London came out yesterday and really brighted up the outlook of Fall '08.

While Paul Smith Women's line was the most wearable and incredibly chic and Sinha-Stanic's dresses were easy and playfully fun (would love to have one or two for going out!!), my favorite show from yesterday was Louise Goldin. Something about his orange and blue hues (go illini!) and his modern take on tribal prints was so fresh and exciting! I feel I'll probably get inspired to create some outfits out of these lines and am very eager to attempt to translate Louise Goldin's into real wear. 
Hope everyone's days is good, check back around 2pm Central Time for a Mid-Day Update to see what I'm wearing! 
Also, don't forget, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Tell those you love how you feel and check back here for some fun red and pink attire!