Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First & Ten

OMG OMG!! Only a few days left till SUPERBOWL!!! While I'm disappointed my team (San Diego Chargers!!) won't be there, my second favorite team is hands down The Saints and you can bet I'll be cheering them on! Since it's rainy and winter my wardrobe is predominately black at the moment. However, my jewelry is usually silver. But for these last two weeks, in honor of the Saints going to the Superbowl and in solidarity with my team I have switched it up and repped their gold and black colors (I mean it's not that hard when they have the best most stylish colors in the league!)

If you need some inspiration or need to spruce up your wardrobe let me help you get in the Saints spirit! (If you're a Colts fan I have nothing to offer you save for a tissue to help wipe the tears when we beat you this Sunday)

The basic, most necessary, MUST HAVE...

I mean, lets face it, there is nothing cooler than showing up to a Superbowl party in your teams jersey. However, if the Saints are only your team because you aren't a Colts fan, or if you'd rather show your spirit in a more subtle way just in case (God forbid) the Saints are losing you can slyly switch teams, here are ten spirited options to help you get on your way to a first down...

1. big, bold and beautiful this necklace is a statement begging to be made. Previously $330, Noir Jewelry's "Cosmic Cluster Necklace" is now $231 at shopbop.com and can be worked dressy or casual. I love.

2. Talk about making a statement! This skirt was born to cheer on the Saints! Haute Hippie's "Ombre Skirt" will set you back $365 at shopbop.com but thinking of all the fun parties you could go to together!!

3. Okay so maybe this Alice + Olivia dress is a bit formal for Superbowl Sunday but who knows it might be perfect! It's fun, sparkly and the cut is too cute. You can get it at, where else, shopbop.com

4. So I swear I wasn't lazy and truly did scour the web for the best in black & gold but shopbop.com is just soooo good and happened to be full of everything I could ask for. So, this bracelet isn't gold, but it does have the Saints signature Fluer de Lis and is a totally acceptable and subtle way to support your boys.

5. The most practical of the bunch, this Saints sweatshirt from the NFL shop was refreshingly simple and had such strong graphics that I felt it needed to be given attention as one of the greatest sweatshirts ever! And since it's just the Fluer de Lis it's totally wearable outside football circles and for $51 it's def a cozy fun black basic to have around.

6. CONFESSION: I put black eye shadow under my eyes as eye black for almost every game. However, the powder usually doesn't last all 4 quarters or have quite as dark as an effect as I would like. I contemplated buying pro-status eye black for my weekly ritual but decided that there just weren't enough games in a season to keep that stuff lying around. Smashbox's gel eyeliner available at Sephora seemed like the perfect solution. Heavy texture, can be used on eyes Saturday night and under eyes Sunday morning.

7. Okay, another seemingly overly dressy piece but hear me out. This sequent covered blazer by Torn by Ronny Kobo with a pair of cuffed ripped jeans and a white shirt would be SOOOOOO cute!! ($440 at shopbop.com)

8. More fabulous shopbop.com finds. Fluer de Lis necklace in gold = perfection. $85

9. smaller than the first necklace but still a killer piece, CC Syke's "Devin Necklace" incorporates both the black & the gold! loves! ($195 shopbop.com)

10. For the over the top fan I couldn't help but post this Kathrine Baurmann clutch! Not exactly "practical" but wonderful none the less. This rhinestone encrusted saints helmet purse will set you back a steep 3 grand but if it's your style, who am I to judge, as long as you're rooting for The Saints!

okay so this wasn't a planned part of the post but I'm sitting here with my feet up on the desk (obvi) and was thinking it's about time to take off the pedicure nail polish I got for New Years (gross I know...) and while I'm at it spruce up my chipped finger nails that has been tapping away on my keyboard to create this blog entry, when all of a sudden it hit me! by TOTAL COMPLETE I SWEAR 100% COINCIDENCE I have gold toe nail polish on and black finger nail polish. I'm even a Saints fan in my subconscious! that's hardcore!