Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sorry I've been so m.i.a. I'm currently moving back to sunny california (!) from illinois and things have been crazy! I'll resume posting and commenting on all of your wonderful posts as soon as I get moved in and settled down sometime later this week! 

Monday, May 5, 2008

The MET's Costume Institute Gala!

The night I've been waiting for all year! I love this event and it always brings out the most exciting red carpet. This year was no exception, however, I was shocked at how little the super hero theme played into the dress choices. Christina Ricci DID take the theme to heart though and looked AMAZING and really was the best of the night.

How beautiful does she look?! This wonder woman-esque, Givenchy gown is not only beautiful but it's fun and goes along with the theme. This is what the event is all about!! Perfect choice.
More works of art! Anna Wintour, Eva Longoria and Diane Kruger all had beautiful dresses worthy of this event (would we have expected anything less from Anna). Well don't ladies! 
Eva Mendes, The Olsen Twins, and Giselle Bundchen all looked absolutely stunning! I was surprised by the tameness of the Olsens' choices but they did look great. I thought they would have been a little more theme oriented but still great choices.
More beautiful dresses! sigh! 
Well... I can't say I like any of these dresses but there is something to say about these daring ladies and their choices. While this is definitely not one of my favorite Rachel Bilson moments, her outfit definitely had a futuristic feel to it. 

Common ladies! You guys may look good but TALK ABOUT SAFE!! Sooo not worthy of those red stairs.
Victoria Beckham looked... bizarre. She should have definetly gone more theme, she could totally have pulled it off. No matter what beautiful designer dress Blake Lively gets a hold of, it always seems to wear her and not the other way around. I don't even want to start on Jennifer Lopez. Emmy Rossum looked boring as ever but can everyone take a moment and acknowledge the BEAUTIFUL dress behind her!! I was also beyond disappointed with Kate Bosworth's choice as she is one of my all time favorites. Sigh, at least Karl looks fabulous. Amanda Peet, ugh I hate her and I hate this outfit. Nuff said.
How did she get invited?! Sarah Silverman has no right to be on that carpet and neither did that hideous outfit. Ay Me. 

I'm really not sure how I feel about these two. Part of my loves Katie's look and another part hates it. The color is amazing, that I know, and very super hero-ish. The length though... maybe that's where it seems off? The cartoonish bob? The creepy husband? And then Michelle Trachtenberg... ugh, I absolutely HATE her, I've never liked her in anything and don't think they could have picked a worse person to play Georgina on Gossip Girl. As much as I love that show, my love decreased slightly when they casted her and I cringe every time she's on the screen (not just because of her evil character). Any way,despite that rant, I can't help but love her outfit. I just really really wish I didn't...

Any way, I think that about wraps it up for now! Two finals for me to finish and then SUMMER AND BACK HOME TO LOS ANGELES!! yes!

Friday, May 2, 2008


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Um, I'm pretty sure everyone has done this but if you haven't and want to let me know and I'll tag you! Can't wait for The Costume Institute Gala!! so close!