Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emmy Red Carpet

Ah Red Carpet. Nothing quite like it. I love looking at all the glamorous arrivals and the old school idea of the movie star. Everyone looked fabulous and seemed to be sticking to one of three color palettes: red, purple and neutral. Below are all my faves! 

Mila Kunis, Deb Messing and Blake Lively all chose red. I ADORE Mila's vintage looking tulle dress. It's dark than the other shades of red but it's gorgeous and fits her bubbly personality so well. Deb Messing, as her stylist and my idol Rachel Zoe would say, shut it down, she looked bananas. So flat out glamourous and stunning. The jewelry is simple but PERFECT. I just love it. Blake Lively was a little boarder line for me. I really dislike her but the red dress she chose to wear caught my eye and I had to include it. But I think the severe braid is awful and I think it's a little too sexy and out there. But at the same time something about it needed to be included in my blog. 
Purple is not a color I would ever chose on my own, but after seeing these three ladies rock the royal color I think I might reconsider. I dislike Ginnifer Goodwin's hair that short, but she's a consistent fave style wise and didn't disappoint! 

I DIE, D-I-E for Drew's dress she looks uh-mazing! Just beyond beautiful, chic, and fresh. So nice to see her in something not too crazy and out there. I want her dress... and somewhere to wear it too. The others were simple, straight, strapless gowns. Simple. Classic. Perfection.

One quick rant...

We get it Heidi, you're pregnant, you love your body, yay for you. Must we all look at?! Ew. You look ridiculous. Go give birth already. K, I'm done.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New York Fashion Week!

Alright, I gotta be honest and admit I didn't really get into Fashion Week this season at first... perhaps it's the fact that I'm just dying for it to be fall and to be able to wear boots and scarfs and jackets that looking at clothes for spring makes me sick... With that said, there were many incredible collections, or at least some incredible pieces. My favorite things this season weren't any of the avant garde stuff but rather things I'm now dying to own! And they're all pretty much in black or neutral colors... I wasn't kidding, I'm sooo ready for fall.

Donna Karen was hands down my favorite, and I always have love for Betsey (I wore one of her dresses for my 21st bday party, pic on my newly updated sidebar!) and my obsession for Rachel Zoe is probably what caused me to D-I-E over the Halston collection.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally Famous

So after Coco wrote a blog post refrencing Almost Famous, I decided it was time to actually move the movie up my Netflix queue and FINALLY see it. 

Well I gotta say I'm obsessed. The costumes were so whimsical and amazing and made me want to run away and dress like Penny Lane forever. I happen to have bought a fab faux fur coat this weekend which works in perfect... although I'm now back on the lookout for the perfect fur vest I've been hunting for some time now. I played around on a little and grabbed some Almost Famous-esque pieces I wouldn't mind having on board. 
Joie Faux Fur Vest. Antik Batik Aleska Top. Rachel Pally Long Full Skirt. A Common Thread Faux Fur Vest. All available at

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Back!... Again!... But I hope for real this time...

Okay so after like a year hiatus, I'm finally itching to get back on here! It's going to be a challenge, with taking 20 units at school this semester, working an internship and managing my apartment complex buuuuut hopefully I'll really be able to get back to my blog this time.

My hiatus was due mainly in part to being overly exhausted from the time commitment involved, and exploring "the other side" of me. I love so many things on such different ends of the spectrum that sometimes it's difficult to balance the tomboy side of me that loooooves the action sport industry (which I've spent all summer and am currently working in) and riding dirt bikes, with the overly girly, giddy and glamorous fashion side of me. I worked on trying to explain this a few months ago and I think perhaps these pictures I put together do it better justice!

I present to you one of my favorite fashion shoots of all time paired with some kick ass action sport photos... enjoy!

So that's me in a nut shell. Oh and my endless computer problems haven't helped getting me back into the blogging scene.... I have so much crammed onto my computer and a busted external hard drive (which the genius at the mac bar today convinced me wasn't broken... grrr... it most definitely is and now after spending an hour and a half of my day in the apple store I'm back to square one)

This weekend is jam packed with football games, block parties and dinner parties but I'm hoping to be able to start sharing my faves from New York Fashion week in the next few day, as well as my current obsessions, wants, and all the amazing stuff I bought on todays "recession friendly" impromptu shopping spree (ie tons of great forever 21 and H&M finds)

So hello again everybody!!


Jennifer Zoe

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hiatus is almost over

ahhh. It feels good to be back here. 

After a much longer hiatus than anticipated (due to a crazy summer work schedule, moving and starting a new school) I'm finally ready to return in the new year. Unfortunately my computer is not so ready. However, I'm planning on taking him in to an Apple Genius sometime this week and unload his poor, overstuffed brain onto an external hard drive and then hopefully have some new materiel up for you sometime next week. 

Prepare for some new things coming your way, I'm thinking less fashion more lifestyle, and a lot more fun  consecutive themed posts (think last years 7 Deadly Sins series: LustGreed SlothEnvyGluttonyWrathPride

I also want to bring more of me into the blog. Fashion is only one tiny part of who I am and I really want to bring in my other passions of music and action sports into this if  I can.

I'm excited for the change and to get back into the blogosphere, although postings will most likely be occurring once or twice a week instead of the daily regimen i tried to follow before.