Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy's 2011


I adore Keri Hilson's look! Besides the fact that I think she's one of the coolest girls out there, her look is PERFECT Grammys. Not too dressy, a little funky but still stunning. I mean just everything is so cool! The cut, the color (and i'm talking both dress and hair!) def a fave look of the night.

Disco Balls?

Now I know the headline of this little section may sound negative but it's not! I looooove glitter and shimmer and these ladies did it so right! J.Lo and Heidi... well done.

Best Make-Up
I can't lie, I'm a huge Miley fan... I just LOVE her... and am absolutely rocking out to her music right now... no shame. While her dress was def not the best she's ever worn her hair and make-up was FLAWLESS! So obsessed with the cat eye, light shadow and pink lips with the perfectly beachy locks. loves.
I thought Kelly Osborne's make-up was also really pretty with her lilac tones.

Head to Toe Leopard...

Alright so I'm totally not feeling this BUT it's Nicki Minaj and that's what she does and I think she's epic... I might have to do an entire post on little miss "harijuku barbie"

Keri Hilson also tried the head to toe leopard at a pre-Grammy event, and still not feeling it but this is starting to look like a trend...

Aw! Katy Perry brought her grandmother to the Grammy's for her 90th bday! too cute!

In other news...
Not the Grammys... but this girl can do no wrong. Emma Stone looked uh-mazing at the Golden Globes and looked amazing the other night at BAFTAs. I love the shade of blonde she's been rocking lately and she looks good in those coral dresses! keep it up!!

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