Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paper Dreams

A little known fact about me: i LOVE paper. like love love love paper goods. not paper towels and tissues paper goods but the fine beautiful stationary and heavy card stock paper goods and everything that goes along with it, pens, rubber stamps... i have quite the collection. So you can imagine my delight when someone tipped me off about an entire BLOG about PAPER!

It's totally gorgeous. I think I'm in love!!

now the first page didn't wow me, just save the dates that were too casual for my taste, but then when I got on to the next page it became incred! and the more you get into it the more beautiful, unique and stunning paper goods there are!!!! ahh!! am i in heaven?! someone pinch me I think I'm dreaming!!!!

First off, have you chicer ever seen a baby shower invite!

Okay it completely and totally warms my heart when I see non wedding/shower invites! It's so wonderful to see people NOT using facebook or evite... I admit, I do it too, it's so much easier, but ugh it's such a shame!

LOVE this save the date!

Okay, anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with my planner (and protective of...don't try to leave me cute notes there! It will not be appreciated!!). I've always stuck with basic black but these beauties might make me change my mind next year!

so CUTE!!

love love love!


so simple. so perfect.

all photos from Oh So Beautiful Paper


jagifer said...

Love it... great finds, your taste is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

So totally you.