Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emmy Red Carpet

Ah Red Carpet. Nothing quite like it. I love looking at all the glamorous arrivals and the old school idea of the movie star. Everyone looked fabulous and seemed to be sticking to one of three color palettes: red, purple and neutral. Below are all my faves! 

Mila Kunis, Deb Messing and Blake Lively all chose red. I ADORE Mila's vintage looking tulle dress. It's dark than the other shades of red but it's gorgeous and fits her bubbly personality so well. Deb Messing, as her stylist and my idol Rachel Zoe would say, shut it down, she looked bananas. So flat out glamourous and stunning. The jewelry is simple but PERFECT. I just love it. Blake Lively was a little boarder line for me. I really dislike her but the red dress she chose to wear caught my eye and I had to include it. But I think the severe braid is awful and I think it's a little too sexy and out there. But at the same time something about it needed to be included in my blog. 
Purple is not a color I would ever chose on my own, but after seeing these three ladies rock the royal color I think I might reconsider. I dislike Ginnifer Goodwin's hair that short, but she's a consistent fave style wise and didn't disappoint! 

I DIE, D-I-E for Drew's dress she looks uh-mazing! Just beyond beautiful, chic, and fresh. So nice to see her in something not too crazy and out there. I want her dress... and somewhere to wear it too. The others were simple, straight, strapless gowns. Simple. Classic. Perfection.

One quick rant...

We get it Heidi, you're pregnant, you love your body, yay for you. Must we all look at?! Ew. You look ridiculous. Go give birth already. K, I'm done.

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jagifer said...

Love to read your comments and to see the examples of what you like.
Keep up the good work.

curlycute said...

So I totally agree on Heidi, but every place I read about her they loved her look. Really? Drew looked a bit pale in my opinion but thanks for your take, I agree with most everything else.

coco said...

That image of Heidi is quite something.

Michael said...

I love love the dress Blake Lively wore. She's so beautiful!