Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally Famous

So after Coco wrote a blog post refrencing Almost Famous, I decided it was time to actually move the movie up my Netflix queue and FINALLY see it. 

Well I gotta say I'm obsessed. The costumes were so whimsical and amazing and made me want to run away and dress like Penny Lane forever. I happen to have bought a fab faux fur coat this weekend which works in perfect... although I'm now back on the lookout for the perfect fur vest I've been hunting for some time now. I played around on a little and grabbed some Almost Famous-esque pieces I wouldn't mind having on board. 
Joie Faux Fur Vest. Antik Batik Aleska Top. Rachel Pally Long Full Skirt. A Common Thread Faux Fur Vest. All available at


Anonymous said...

Never saw this movie. You've made me feel I must. THanks I will. Love you back, blogging. The world is now better for it.

Anonymous said...

I am happy your blog is back. It puts a smile on my face.