Sunday, January 24, 2010

SAG Awards

So since I'm on a roll I figured I'd keep it going. Yesterday, January 23rd was the SAG Awards. And there were some STUNNING gowns. Number one in my mind, which is no surprise, is Diane Kruger. She looks so flawless and glamourous in this gown! Complete perfection.

Next up is Sandra Bullock. If I had to be anyone, it would probably be her. 1) she's HILARIOUS and who doesn't want to be funny. 2) she's BEAUTIFUL. I loved how she looked in all the sleek, starch lines of The Proposal and the sleek lines reappear on this red carpet look. 3) She's also married to badass Jesse James. I mean, could she be any cooler. (I run a moto blog so it's no surprise that her legendary arm candy had to be included in this post). They're such a seemingly unlikely pair but they look so so so good together!

My next to favorites look almost statuesque and definitely took the "plunge" with their looks. Kate Hudson showed up in white again, and she pulls off the color well so why not. I MUCH prefer her choice here than at the Golden Globes. The backless gown is smashing on her. I'm not going to lie, I don't watch Glee so I had no idea who Lea Michele was, but her dress certainly caught my attention. The cut is so flattering and I LOVE LOVE the color. I just love the draping on it. I have an awards dinner to attend for my dad next week and I have a strapless dress in the turquoise color that I think I might just bring out for the event... although I was going to use it as an excuse to go shopping... hmmm

Anyway, award season is officially in full swing! Can't wait to see how this year progresses!

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Love your take on things, per usual.