Sunday, January 24, 2010

Golden Globes mini-wrap up

okay okay I'm a week late, but when you consider I haven't blogged for the last 6 months or so that's not bad timing! I have to admit I wasn't even planning on blogging about the red carpets this year since all my heart and soul has been poured into my new blog Lil Miss Moto ( However, after receiving an email request on my opinions on this years red carpet gowns I went ahead and did an "email post". Well since the work's been done figured I might as well post it. So enjoy my super mini, four dress review of the 2010 Golden Globes..

I have to say I ADORED Penelope Cruz not only is her dress adorbs it looks smashing on her and she has my favorite accessory of the night, AN UMBRELLA! She's just so cute holding her own umbrella while the majority of people are just loitering under the poor PUHs (personal umbrella holders... can you say divas!)

I also like Jenna Fischer's Halston dress (and she has an umbrella too! coincidence? i think not!) BUT I think the dress is out of place and wrong on her. It was one of my faves of the collection but I envisioned it on someone tanner, with more bangles and jewelry and to be honest, not at the golden globes... I know it's a gown but I just envision that dress swirling around a FABULOUS dinner party by the gracious, wealthy and gorgeous hostess. Sigh, I can dream for the poor dress that had to be instead dragged down a wet red carpet.

Speaking of wrong dress, wrong time what was Julia Robert thinking?! The woman that brought us that INCRED vintage Valentino gown that has become so iconic chose what appears to be an off the rack cotton dress?! are you kidding me?! Jules, what gives?! She looks great but if she were going to a meeting or dinner or something... def not a red carpet moment.

And despite that I usually adore everything Rachel Zoe does and she is caring her own umbrella I just hate Cameron Diaz's dress... It's so unflattering! Both in cut and color... tisk tisk

So there you have it, my mini post... maybe i'll take some time today and take a look at some of those SAG Awards dress... hmmm

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