Sunday, March 30, 2008

Celebrity Fit Club

So three months into the year  and my New Year's resolutions are but a slip of paper buried in the second drawer of my desk. While my list was compiled with my best friend and many of them are uniquely ours, I feel like my main resolution is shared with the majority of anyone who made resolutions: eat healthier and workout more. Unfortunately after the initial surge of workout classes and motivation my gym membership is merely a piece of paper shoved in my wallet between gift cards and old receipts. 

But, with summer around the corner I'm trying to change that and revamp the resolution! But being the fashion minded person I am, I decided that the best way to get myself to the gym is the motivation of cute workout attire. Why not look great while in the process of making yourself look better! Here are five different celeb workout styles. Where do you fit in?
These girls are serious about their workouts. No fuss here. Simple black pants and tight tops. Katie Holmes ran the New York marathon and looks the part in tight black pants, a purple tank top and a light black jacket with a no fuss baseball cap. Kate Hudson whips out her black Under Armour shorts and a tight grey tank for her workout. With serious sneakers, her ipod on her arm, and a low key pony tail she's not playing around. Sophie Monk keeps her tight workout gear all black, while Nicky Hilton balances her look with a loose white tee (and a large water bottle!).

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Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson know they got it, and are going to flaunt it. I mean, why not. Cameron Diaz's preferred look is low rising dance pants that fold over (much like Hard Tails popular cut) and cropped hoodies. Kate Hudson, varies her look. While I showed her above in a much tighter ensemble, she tends to favor loose shapes, then bares her fit tummy or fabulous legs. 

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The third celebrity fit look is the laid back look, perfect for yoga classes and hiking. This is definitely where I tend to fit in. Nicole Richie has mastered the look from a cute green shorts and hoodie combo to a sleek, but loose black tank and sweats. Kate Hudson, not to be left out of this category, covers up in this loose white tank and sweat pant look. 

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I also tend to fit into this category. I hardly have time to workout, okay... so I just don't feel like leaving my apartment once I've settled down and finished classes for the day. Therefor, if I'm going to workout I HAVE to do it in between classes. This means I have to find an outfit that is functional both in and out of the gym, and is appropriate in the classroom. These ladies have found that perfect balance and are ready to fit in their workout while running errands. Nicole Richie once again keeps it laid back, but looser, favoring Free City sweats (a favorite of mine!) and plain black counterparts. Drew Barrymore heads to yoga in a basic grey shirt and black pants, perfect for running errands before or after. Kirsten Dunst looks equally chic and athletic in her black tights, loose raglan, scarf and high tops. And Finally, Sophie Monk once again gets it right in loose white pants and a striped sweater. 

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Now these girls got it all wrong. It's one thing to look good while working out, it's another to get all glammed up. I'm not sure what's up with Paris' fascination with fingerless gloves first in green and then black, or what's up with wearing massive glasses while working out inside, the sparkly tank for a bike ride wasn't a great choice either. Then there are the girls from High School Musical, with their hair done and over accessorized, they look more like they're getting ready to go lift some shopping bags rather than weights. 

While Paris' take on this look isn't a something I would recommend, if you want to glam it up a bit, check out the over the top (but cool) sportswear from

Hope this helps you all renew your resolutions! I know I'm ready to workout! 


Anonymous said...

Great fashion tips for going back to working out...I need to join you in that committment.

Anonymous said...

Great fashion tips for going back to working out...I need to join you in that committment.

VintageFrenzy said...

I love this.. very insightful and great for those of us who want to be comfy and attractive at the same time. Another sweats line I've found which is amazing and really cute is Aviator Nation. It's pretty new and based out of LA. Check out their stuff at