Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take Flight

Almost time to take to the skies! Some people seem to glide through the airport with effortless ease and others...well most of us seem to stumble and haul our way through security and look a mess. Here's a look at some celebrities that travel light and some that travel...well like messy divas...
Let's just say this trio above is a big NO! Poor Tara Reid is a walking wardrobe malfunction. Please make sure while you're lugging your luggage (and if you pack right you shouldn't be doing that!) that you don't wear low riding sweats and high riding jackets, no one wants to see your thong on vacation, trust me. Then there is Tyra. I know track suits can be comfortable but come on, there are so many better alternatives. If you must wear one while you travel mix the colors so you don't look like a parachuter. And that yucky putty, tan color, come on Tyra, remember when you used to be a model? Ah and then there is Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex and The City for those of you who are unaware) She sure looks stylish, although I know I wouldn't want to sit on a flight and wait in an airport in that outfit, but the huge army of Louis Vouitton luggage? Unless you have Big to lug it around for you and don't mind looking like an out of control diva, then learn to pack less.
Ah! These celebs got it right. Muted, dark tones, laid back style, paired down luggage, this is what easy travel is made of. Tailored sweaters and other pieces trump baggy sweat suit any day. The Hills' Audrina Partridge looks great in a pair of dark wash jeans, a collard, grey sweater and boots. And look! Only one, nice size carry on. It's hard for Jake Gyllenhaal not to look dreamy. He's got this airport thing down, nice jeans + nice sweater + one roller + one backpack = perfection. Hillary Duff and Rachel Bilson get it right too. Big comfy scarfs are a must for me on trips they are the perfect way around ever fluctuating cabin temperatures. 
As much as I love Nicole Richie her "Carry On" is not one I would recommend. I mean looking frumpy and lugging around a huge, full size pillow is no way to start or end a trip, she looks like she's about to catch a nap, not a plane. Ashley Olsen, on the other hand, is the queen of oversized bags and chic, laid back looks, perfect for traveling.  For me, black is the only way to go when traveling, it's crisp and clean and hassle free. It's such an easy color to look chic in no matter how un-chic you feel. Also, her light makeup and easy hair is ideal for getting from one location to another and still looking put together. 
Now we've looked at how those famous folks work the runway, but we can't look inside their glorious black Birkins and stylish totes, so I'll give you a peak at exactly what I'm taking and how I'm taking it.

1. Delays, crying babies, the loud woman who feels the need to complain about everything to anyone who'll listen, airplane travel is no fun, so for me my ipod is my savior, I can disconnect from the craziness with a touch of the button. It's my instant spa, meditiation center, entertainer and inspiration collector all in one. Plus if you're lucky enough to have a decent movie play on your flight you'll have decent headphones to go along. 

2. A PASHMINA. NEVER GET ON A PLANE WITHOUT ONE. My black one goes with me everywhere. Honestly the most glorious invention ever. Wrap this soft delight around your neck while waiting to board, open it up to be your personal cashmere blanket for an on board nap, and if you or your destination gets too hot just toss it in your bag. This is one thing every weather wary person should carry.

3. Speaking of weather, there are hardly 2 places (in this country alone) with similar weather at this time of year. Whether you are heading from a cold climate to a tropical beach, or a west coast town to a skiing village the outfit you wear onto the plane will no longer be appropriate when you arrive. This North Face jacket is not only incredibly warm but incredibly travel friendly too. Personally, I wear this jacket pretty much every single day. It's the perfect weight and is suitable for a mild day with a tank underneath and can be the perfect final layer on a brutal one. But despite it's flexibility, the best part is that this big puffer can squeeze into it's own pocket. That's right, when you get into the airport, safe from all the elements and the only thing separating you from the beach is an airplane ride, just fold the jacket up into a tiny ball and pop it right into your carry on. 

4. My trusty Pierre Duex weekender. This duffle is the perfect size for a weekend away and can work just fine for an entire week if you plan right. This carry-on is a perfect way to travel if you wish to avoid baggage claim, it's just the right size, fits easily in the overhead bins, is a great height for sitting on in the event of a delay and is just so chic and classy.

5. This Marc by Marc Jacobs tote is HUGE. However, it's dark color and perfect shape keeps it from looking sloppy or too overwhelming. When it comes to flying, I find I like to have a lot of things readily available to me. This bag can be pushed under my seat for take off, but can still hold anything I might need during my flight.

6. A trip to the airport isn't complete without a stop in the mini-store to purchase a trashy celebrity mag. You're on vacation, whether you read them so you can pick on peoples lives or to inspire your wardrobe, they are undoubtedly fun. Plus, if you're like me they are perfect for those fear-of-flying-i-hate-turbulence moments when you can't concentrate on anything else.

7. I happen to be one of the lucky few that seems to never get through a trip without a delay. And I mean MAJOR delays. As great as electronics are, there is no way I would leave the fate of my entertainment and joy to the whims of a battery, especially since not many batteries last the 8 hours I've been delayed. My choices for this trip (purchased with my Borders gift card from Mira! thanks!) are David Sheff's "Beautiful Boy" and David Sedaris' "Me Talk Pretty One Day". They are both currently on the bestseller lists and I can't wait to get through them. While usually I'm a one-book-at-a-time kinda gal, Sedaris' witty writing is the perfect breathe of fresh air from the heavy subject matter of Sheff's memoir following his son's addiction. 


Jagifer said...

One of your best efforts...good advice, very witty and full of charm. I can not wait to see if you follow your own advice.

Curlycute said...

I plan to take a picture of your arrival so we can see how you do it. Your blog is so fun to read