Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How To

I have just returned from an early screening of the movie "21" which was AMAZING. Everyone must go see it when it comes out Friday, really a great film. Check out the trailer:

So awhile ago I was given a request to give suggestions on how to wear those tricky, yet popular, pencil skirts. A pencil skirt should sit on your true waist, bordering on (or actually) high waisted. While you can wear ones slung low on your hips like Ashley Olsen in the first picture, it's tricky and not nearly as versatile. Let's look at the celebrities that are rocking these skirts.
Ashley O goes punky in all black and by adding the leather jacket. Also, by wearing the skirt on her hips it gives it a much more casual look. Victoria Beckham was the only one not in a black version of this skirt and paired it with a tight, tucked in shirt. However, looser blouses tend to work better, creating a less severe look like America Ferrara's tucked in, turquoise modern take and Angelina Jolie's belted version. 

Let's take it step by step. 
1. Start with a skirt that hits at your waist to get the most milage and chicest look. Black is also a good basic color to get it in, since it is a basic piece. The skirt should hit right above the knee, too short and you loose the look, too long and you risk looking like you're drowning in it. (Thread Social, $414 available at

2.  Choose a loose, flowy blouse. These are best tucked in and help balance out the straightness of the bottom piece.  (all tops from

3. Belting your skirt also helps pull in this uber feminine piece. Also, like Angelina Jolie's look, if you don't tuck in your shirt, belting it on top works nicely as well. 

hope this helped! I would love to see how you guys pull it off so send pictures if you want! and remember, if you have any questions or suggestions just leave a comment! have a good day everyone!

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Jagifer said...

I prefere the above the knee look in your "how to" section to the below the knee celebraties. Much nicer legs!