Monday, March 17, 2008

My name's Jenny and I'm an addict

Being home for spring break is glorious. I'm being as lazy as I can and just enjoying home. So until classes resume, the laid back posting will continue.

Maybe it's the book I'm reading about addiction that influenced me to create this post, but I thought today I would share my own personal addictions. 
1. I was sure I had kicked the first two but have recently relapsed. I hadn't touched a drop of my beloved Diet Coke for three months and like a true addict, I haven't been able to put it down since I slipped. 

2. In love with them growing up, Nirvana was pushed aside for growing interests and changing tastes. However, they have finally worked their way back into their rightful spot as my favorite band. There isn't anything quite like Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. I'm hooked once again.

3. I just purchased these gladiator wedges from Nine West and they've been glued to my feet since. I'm totally obsessed with their polished structure and laid back look.  They're amazing and exactly what I've been looking for

4. My magic weapon. A bandage skirt is so incredibly useful. Paired with a black top and you have an instant dress (my secret to my seemingly endless LBD arsenal), pair it with a slouchy skirt for a casual look, pull it up as a tube top, the list goes on. My mom happened to make mine back in the days of Tailfeathers, but you can find them now at places like American Apparel and Topshop.

5. Any one who has ever talked to me online or received a text message from me knows how much I over use the emoticon. I can't help it, I'm a serial :) user. 

6. While doing laundry one day my roommate Kaite, in response to my HUGE load of whites remarked, "Oh ya... I forgot you were a boy." I absolutely live in these men's undershirts by Hanes. They're just so comfortable and can be worn with anything. And since they're so cheap I often experiment with cutting, painting and drawing on them. 

7. Okay, anyone who knows me, knows my phone. This is my baby, my life and it's always by my side (and I always seem to be holding it in every picture I take). I went through major withdrawals last week when I was separated from it for four days (which seemed like an eternity). Thankfully, we're back together again. 


Jagifer said...

U R 2 FUNNY :)

Anonymous said...

those shoes are adorrrrable. i might have to invest in a pair and get addicted, too :)


amylovesyou said...

You and i both share an obsession with Nirvana. I'm bringing my collection back to school!