Friday, April 11, 2008


So gluttony isn't really something heavily associated with the fashion world seeing as a stick thin figure is heavily preferred. But being one of the seven deadly sins and that being the theme of the week, I reveal to you my greatest indulgences. 
While most of my favorite foods are stuck in LA (Mom's cooking, In N Out, and more on that later), there are a few things I can continue to enjoy here in Champaign, Il. I absolutely LOVE crepes. Sweet or savory doesn't matter, I love them all. Lucky for me there is a fabulous crepe restaurant on the corner of 4th and Green, who would have thought such a small town would have such a lovely cafe. My other at-school favorite indulgence is Nutella (which happens to be amazing in crepes, as well as on toast, waffles, croissants, and in desperate times Ritz crackers). I was actually surprised to find this delicious chocolate hazelnut spread at the local grocery store but I did! Yum...I could eat it all day. Can't wait to get back to LA and head over to Il Trem and get it on a croissant with strawberries all warm and melty. Mmm
Some things I can't indulge in out here in the corn fields, some amazing (and embarrassingly trendy) locations. Geisha House is hands down my favorite restaurant. I love the trendy, hip interior as well as their incredible food. I admit, I don't really like ACTUAL sushi... but they have the BEST veggie rolls in town! If anyone goes you must get the Green Lawn which is an amazing combination of cucumber and asparagus WRAPPED in avocado... heaven. You can't talk about gluttonous consumption in Los Angeles without discussing Sprinkles cupcakes. They are so rich and just flat out amazing. I'm going into a sugar coma just thinking about it. Last, but definitely not least, is the ever expanding Pinkberry. I remember when you used to have to drive to West Hollywood and stand in line for an hour for this tart treat. Now, every time I come home there is at least one new store and a slew of knock-offs popping up EVERYWHERE. I admit, the trendiness sort of ruins the appeal of it, but I still can't wait till school ends and I get to have the plain yogurt topped with strawberries, raspberries, and chocolate chips!!
Not all gluttonous behavior has to be calorie filled. Just watching Keri Russel bake her amazing pies in Waitress (a fabulous movie to boot!) and Kirsten Dunst devour extravagant pink treats in Marie Antoinette is enough to get your mouth watering...although it may lead to a pie and cake binge session the minute the film is over! 

I'm going to go fill up on some Nutella now, hit the gym tomorrow. 

What are your favorite, sinful treats?


On Track said...

OH MY GOD! I absolutly love crepes to! I am craving them now because of those pictures in your post hehe those look yummy. I might make some for desert with maple syrup now, I love good food :D

Siljesfashion said...

I loooove Sprinkles!!
I used to live in LA, and try to visit every year. I love them when they are fresh out of the oven, heaven I'll tell you. Although, we dont have it here, I am off to an Italian restaurant tonight and hopefully they will have some yummy dessert to graze on...
Have a great weekend in sunny LA (sigh)miss it more than you can imagine!

Curlycute said...

Too bad all these things are SINS. We should some how change them into virtues.

coco said...

After readinf this I really want something sweet
Like a cupcake!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh you are making me so hungry with all that food!!!!! It all looks so lovely *mouth waters*

Caroline said...

i've ALWAYS been a sucker for crepes with banana and nutella. augh its a killer.

Anonymous said...



I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. You create great sense of fun but yet are thoughtful. Your blog is oozing creativity.

See you in the good old west.