Monday, April 7, 2008


First off I want to say how much I enjoyed reading everyone's comments this weekend. It was so great to get to hear from my readers, I really appreciate it! It's always fun to know that people besides my parents (I love you mom and dad!!) read this. 

On with today's post. 

We all know the 7 deadly sins, but they aren't just warnings of bad behavior anymore, the infamous seven are saturating pop culture and the fashion world.  Some are fun and some are freaky. The dark style of D.L. & Co have created this beautiful black votive holder and stationary set with each sin written on in gold and they have a set of sleek black plates as well (available from Neiman Marcus and Barneys). Then there is the murder film Seven with Brad Pitt which showcases the septuplets. There is no doubt about it, sin is trendy right now.
So this week is dedicated to lust, envy, greed, pride, sloth, gluttony, and wrath.  All the qualities we should avoid, but it doesn't hurt to embrace once in awhile. 

Starting with lust, there are a few things that I want so badly! But due to the high price tag, they may be staying on the lust list for awhile. 
Christian Louboutin's red soled heels are so drool worthy. There isn't anything quite like the platform pumps with their sharp red heels. I'm obsessed with his entire collection, these four pieces don't even begin to cover the amount of his shoes I want. I have been lusting after them for some time now. Each time a celeb is snapped in these babies I turn green with envy (but that's an entirely different sin, more on that later this week). To own a pair of these $600 and up shoes would be a dream come true,  but until then I'm going to keep lusting. (From left to right: Suede Cutout $785, Peep-Toe Slingback $760, Nuit Dete Slingback $895, Pleated Platform Pump $875. All available at
Pretty much every piece in the Olsen twin's two fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth & James is to die for. I pretty much wish I owned every piece of these high priced collections. This halter sweater is particularly lust worthy.  Not only is it insanely chic and stylish, it's innovative design makes it a multi-tasking piece. So since it's like getting two sweaters does that make the $265 price tag reasonable?! (available at
I'm obsessing over costume jewelry right now and really want to grow my collection. But being the lustful person I am, I want to build my collection from the best, Kenneth Jay Lang. No one makes costume jewelry quite like he does. His bangles, cuffs and rings are all must haves. (From left to right: Elephant Bracelet $220, Snake Cuff $110, Urchin Ring $57. all available at
What lust list would be complete without a mention of the classic Hermes Birkin bag. This elusive status symbol comes with a 2 year waiting list and up to a 6 digit price tag if it's in exotic skins. But I would be content with a traditional leather in black or brown for a cool $7500. Sigh, a girl can dream can't she!

So what are some things you lust after? 


Jagifer said...

Cool concept...and who knows this "lust" list could end up with Santa.

Curlycute said...

I have to admit the Louboutin shoes bring me dangerously near the sin of lust. So finding myself already near that sin I might as well confess to more. An Armani suit- black or tan, a Bottega Veneta clutch, a Yves Saint Laurent " smokin" suit. Ah me!

Siljesfashion said...

Kenneth Jay lane has fabolous pieces. I buy it on ebay though, much cheaper.