Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rachel Bilson, Rain or Shine

I adored her as Summer on The OC for four years, watching her character grow and mature. For the same amount of time, I have been obsessed with watching her own personal style grow. I think it's safe to say that Rachel Bilson is now a certified style icon. She gets it right, time and time again. Since the majority of the country is experiencing sunshine (along with some strong winds in the Midwest) and California and the South are gonna be hit with some rain, I thought I would show Rachel Bilson's range, so you can pull inspiration from her looks, no matter what your weather. 
If you're lucky enough for a warm, sunny day, Bilson gets it so right with her tight black tank and belted, high-waisted jeans. She keeps accessories minimal with a black bag and her favorite Wayfarer. 

If you have a light breeze, try this casual look from Bilson. Skinny jeans and Converse with a loose white tank and a loose scarf to help keep off the chill.

If bare arms aren't an option, this basic legging/tunic combo looks fresh in all black and a loose cardigan and boots.

Chillier still? This dark wash denim and navy tank combo is such a chic look. Add a natural, leather jacket and studded boots and a slouchy bag and you're good to go. 

For those of you unfortunate enough to have rain and other poor weather elements, try Rachel's most bundled up look. She pairs tight, black jeans with a looser white top and black jacket. The scarf is light and pastel-y and helps balance out the tough studded heels and black leather gloves. 


Jagifer said...

Love the rain cloud!

Allure said...

Rachel has a great sense of style. I'm in love with those Ginger jeans since I saw a pic of her wearing them.