Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Moving on to the second sin of the week: greed. There are a few items in my closet that i have plenty of, a well rounded collection if you will. Still, like any wardrobe over-achiever, there is always room for improvement, i.e. additions. So, I present to you things i want but don't need...at all...making me a bit greedy. 
This season, Nine West has really impressed me. Their shoes are funky, fresh and edgy, all things I look for in a good pair. They're also well made and affordable (which doesn't hurt!). I not only have a good shoe collection, but I have a fairly impressive collection of this seasons Nine West shoes (see my earlier "Addictions" post). But greedy little me wants more. Six more to be exact. (Top Left: Raven $69, Hotpic $49.99 (on sale), Jobilyn $79, Newtime $89, Forger $89, Nacre $99, all available at ninewest.com)
Okay, so that picture isn't my collection of Free City sweats, but I wish it was. These funky sweats and shirts are SO COMFORTABLE. I have two sweatpants and a sweatshirt and I live in them. While they are expensive (and have been fairly trendy for quite some time) they are totally worth it, at least in my greedy mindset. (check out freecitysupershop.com)
Any one who has seen the top drawer of my dresser knows I do not need another swimsuit, and yet, if that stopped me before I wouldn't have the collection I have today. Is it wrong that I enjoy a large assortment of bathing suits all summer? ( Middle four, clockwise from top left: Mossimo Black Solid Ruched Bandeau Top $17.99, Jovovich-Hawk for Target Triangle Top $11.89, Xhilaration Stripe Bandeau Top $14.99, Mossimo Black Space-Dye Banded Swim Top $17.99 all available at target.com. Two side suits left to right: Antibes Amber-ring Banded Tank $90,  Classic Seersucker Ring Bandeau $44 both available from jcrew.com)

I'm also greedy in wanting more great comments from you guys! What are you greedy about? 


coco said...

The orange shoes are to die for!
I love the combo of orange and pink!

Curlycute said...

Glasses, that I must confess is the object of my greed. I can't go for an eye examine without convincing myself that I need a new pair. After all they are on my face, and every outfit requires its own look. I have seven pairs-wow SEVEN!

Jagifer said...

I admitt my car is more then I need to get around in, but is it GREED? I think not. My ties, shirts, jackets? No not enough to be greedy. I'm good.

Allure said...

I need a swimsuit asap.