Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green with Envy

Celebrities, I'm not jealous of their fame or fortunes (although that does lead to my jealousy), I'm not jealous of the swarms of attention they demand or their guaranteed access to the hottest clubs (although I wouldn't mind this perk). It isn't even their seemingly endless amounts of fabulous clothes I envy the most. (although again, if you gave me all their clothes I wouldn't complain). No, what I envy most about celebrities is their closets in which they store their amazing clothes. There is something about the presentation, the space, and their ability to fill it that turns me green. 
Sigh to have such an amazing closet and the clothes to pack it. While Eva Longoria's closet is far neater (there are 50 pairs of jeans there!!) than Nicole Richie's, there is something about Nicole's messy, jam packed closet that I feel like I could spend hours in, always discovering something new. 
Moving on to Eva's shoe selection, she has 200 pairs impressively displayed behind her, while a more dramatic display (in someone's living room!) is shown below. On the right is stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe's closet, which again is a little out of control but full of literally everything you could ever want! Sigh!
So how do us mortals achieve closets like this? Well despite winning the lottery and moving into an accommodating home, there are a few key elements in creating a killer closet. One, matching hangers (even Nicole's mess has matching hangers). Nothing looks more luxurious than wood hangers, it just makes your clothes look and hang so much nicer, which is why stores do this. I also like stocking my shelves full of my favorite designers. Well...books about them. If the only way I'm going to have a Valentino dress in my closet is a book, then I'll display it proudly. There's also something so stylist-esque about a fashion library and inspiration right where you need it in the morning. Another way to glam up the wardrobe is a great lighting fixture (I found the one in the top right corner on for 79.99) or fabulous decorations. I think decorating the inside of your closet is just as important as decorating your room. If your closet is organized in a coherent way (ie it doesn't have to be neat but you have to know where things are) with inspirational decorations, your daily style will reflect that. My final faux-envious-closet trick, designer boxes. Fashion houses put careful thought into everything they design, including the packaging. While I don't necessarily have the fabulous clothes that came inside these boxes (those are usually my mothers) I love to use them as storage for nic-nacs and things that have no other home. 

So until I'm rich and famous, I'll make due, but I'll still turn a bit green every time I get a peak into these great rooms (because let's face it, I could live comfortably in those closets). 


coco said...

I think Rachel Zoe has a great closet (obviously)
Paris Hilton has a great one too, there are pictures of it online!

Siljesfashion said...

I love Rachel Zoes closet and Eva Longorias. I lust for the opportunity to have a room like that someday,haha. Well, I comfort myself with the fact that true fashionistas dont need all that to be stylish. Nice blogg, greatings from Oslo, Norway.

Jillian said...

I know I am sooooooo jealous... I wish I had a big ass closet FILLED with all my favorites! I wish my closet would look like the inside of chanel lol

Curlycute said...

We all just need to rethink our needs. If we move our bed into the closet and double hang the bedroom walls with rods, we could overcome our jealousy. Right? Love your blog. L.A. is beautiful today.

Jagifer said...

It is not the size of the closet, but the quality of what is in it.

Allure said...

You can tell for their closets who has a real passion for fashion, and who doesn't. Also, having a well organised wardrobe help you achieve style.