Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents' Day everyone! For most of you that means a day off and a nice long weekend. Unfortunately for us going to school here in Champaign that means pretty much nothing. However, todays inspiration is probably one of the greatest things any president has ever given to us, Jackie O. Her chic style and use of clean basics is a look anyone can emulate. So let's get to the forecast!

I also thought what better day to present part one of my "Building A Wardrobe" series than today. Part one introduces what I call the "Power Team". Every piece of your wardrobe, in a basic black, and Jackie O was one lady who really knew the power of a great black shirt.
The first thing on my list would be a collection of plain black shirts. My favorites, all available from American Apparel, are a black racer back tank, a black V-neck tee, and a black crew neck long sleeve or sweater. While you don't need these three cuts, it's good to have a tank, either racer or beater style, a short sleeve with a flattering neckline, and a sweater or long sleeve shirt. 
The second thing is a group of basic bottoms: a black knee length pencil skirt, a mini skirt and a pair of skinny black jeans. All three are incredibly chic and can be dressed up or down and are amazingly versatile. 
Of course making the list is the LBD (little black dress). This is essential for any well balanced wardrobe. While a casual AND a dressed up version are best, if you can't have more than one, try to find a black dress that you can dress up or down like this Juicy Couture dress shown above. 
Last but not least is shoes, I'm a huge fan of my black shoes. There are three essentials. One would be a pair of basic black ballet flats perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Second would be a pair of plain, black pumps and third would be a black boot. I happen to have three black boots, a rain boot, a leather boot, and a pair of black Uggs. While only one pair is necessary, I use them so much, I like to have a boot available for whatever the weather might throw my way! 
I hope this first installment of building a wardrobe helps all of you complete and build upon your own wardrobe at home! Thanks for this great idea Amy!  More tips will be on their way in the coming weeks!


Jagifer said...

Your insight and advice impress me each time I read your column.

amylovesyou said...

You're welcome :)
I can't wait for more installments so when I do my heavy duty shopping this summer I'll have a guide as to what I should buy!