Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WWWD Wednesday

I have decided to dedicate today, and every Wednesday from here on out to the god of fashion herself. WWWD, What Would Wintour Do Wednesdays (I love alliteration if you couldn't tell!) It's such a treat with all the fashion weeks going on that we get to see more of the ever chic and fabulous Anna Wintour. Since she can do no wrong, (since she does after all dictate fashion) who better to pull todays outfits from. Seen here with her signature bob, Wintour daringly wears a floral dress in winter. So why not, after a week of dark and muted colors, give it a try. This look gets me excited for spring and warmer weather (think Prada Resort Collection 08!) and is easy to customize to whatever your current weather situation may be. So without further ado, the weather...
(and for those of you not familiar with Anna Wintour, she is the Editor in Chief of Vogue.)

Intimidated by her greatness? Fear not, the look is very easily pulled off! 
Back to fashion week du jour. A whole new side of London came out yesterday and really brighted up the outlook of Fall '08.

While Paul Smith Women's line was the most wearable and incredibly chic and Sinha-Stanic's dresses were easy and playfully fun (would love to have one or two for going out!!), my favorite show from yesterday was Louise Goldin. Something about his orange and blue hues (go illini!) and his modern take on tribal prints was so fresh and exciting! I feel I'll probably get inspired to create some outfits out of these lines and am very eager to attempt to translate Louise Goldin's into real wear. 
Hope everyone's days is good, check back around 2pm Central Time for a Mid-Day Update to see what I'm wearing! 
Also, don't forget, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Tell those you love how you feel and check back here for some fun red and pink attire! 

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curlycute said...

Thank God, for you. Now I can go about my day empowered.