Thursday, February 21, 2008


So it's my birthday! So today's post is dedicated to all those fashion phases I have gone in and out of through out my 20 years. And let's just say some weren't so pretty. So don't take these TOO literally. Have fun, pay homage to the past and laugh a little bit and enjoy this trip down memory lane!

And in honor of the birthday party i'm throwing tonight, where the dress is "cocktail attire", I thought I would share some inspiration and ideas pulled from La Perla yesterday from Milan Fashion Week 08. These dresses are all incredibly chic and feminine and the perfect cocktail length!
and now i'm off to enjoy my birthday and my first day in my 20s!


Curlycute said...

What a great entry today. Made me laugh and remember. Happy Birthday 20 year old!

Jagifer said...

Happy, happy 20th. All your phases have been wonderful to observe...I can not wait to see the next one.

bergie said...

Happy birthday...luv the site. Have to have great knees to wear those dresses!!!!

Anonymous said...