Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Feel The Winds A Changin'

So today I'm going to introduce a change in my blog. Instead of focusing on 4 cities, I'm going to instead break things down into 5 main regions in order to expand my audience! So, while I won't be giving as in detail weather reports, I'll be able to bring you more detailed fashion reports. I'll still bring you your fashion needs and major weather things to look for. For a more detailed look at the weather for your location, please check out 
I've been spending today catching up on homework and watching Freedom Writers (incredible movie!) So I thought I would post a birthday update and the fabulous fashion stuff I got. 
I got this fabulous black Marc by Marc Jacobs tote and these beautiful heart Tiffanys earrings, as well as the book "The Meaning of Sunglasses" by Hadley Freeman, which I haven't been able to put down since I got it. So thank you mom and dad for all that, and thank you everyone who sent me wishes, cards and just spent a fabulous birthday with me. 

Academy Awards tonight! Look for my favorite red carpet looks tomorrow! 

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Curlycute said...

hi love the new blog changes. Miss talking to you