Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Hope you have plans with that special someone, or if not (like me) still appreciate all the hearts, pink and red involved in this fun day! That being said, I have a color appropriate post for everyone, so let's get started. 

For those of us with not such great weather, bundle up but don't forget to show some red. I think these folks do it best, whether it's just a shoe, a simple scarf or a sweater, these bold punches of color give a fun shout out to cupid without being overwhelming (although on holidays why not have fun and be overwhelming!) However, girls in Champaign be warned, this is NOT the day for cute ruffly skirts and loose fitting dresses as the wind is going to be quite strong, so wear something wardrobe-malfunction-proof.
For tonight, although the event happened over a week ago, I couldn't help but pull from Madonna and Gucci's New York UNICEF bash. All the power couples (and power singles!) of Hollywood showed up and seemed to favor dashing red and great couple ensembles. If you have a big date tonight or are just going out with friends pull some inspiration from these Hollywood hotshots who are wearing today's colors so right.
Ellen Pompeo looks absolutely chic in a simple black dress and Louboutin low ankle boots, and her counterpart looked dashing in a suit with a black sweater underneath. TomKat showed up looking great, Kate looking incredibly smashing in a tight bright red dress. And Gwen and Gavin looked great in all black.
As far as the single gals go, a pink or red short tube dress will do the trick. Or Rachel Zoe's long dress and dramatic neckline. All so fun!
Hope everyone has a great Vday! I'll see you all later today for my Mid-Day Update!  And I've also got some exciting requests for posts that I'll be incorporating this weekend!


Curlycute said...

Thanks, for todays examples. Love the attitude of "seize the day" I love Valentine's Day. I'm off-now where did I put my red bag!xxoo

Jagifer said...

With your fashion insight, guidelines and wit you have made my Valentines Day very happy.