Monday, February 11, 2008

At Least BAFTA came through

So much to get through today! The Grammy's were SUCH a disappointment and I decided not to cover all those fashion flops. And that Beatle's tribute!? What was that all about. Although Kanye's performance dedicated to his mother did make me cry, i think his performance was all the show really had going for it. Although I did enjoy watching Amy Winehouse actually perform via satellite... although I did doubt her sobriety at times, okay a lot of times. So despite the Grammy let down at least the BAFTA awards provided me with some lovely post-able material and I also got around to doing a review of Donna Karen's fall 2008 show. So let's get down to business and get this weather news out. 

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Now that business is taken care of, lets move on to the fun stuff. I have been obsessed with the 1920s flapper looks and Aubrey Beardsley prints for quite sometime now, so imagine my joy when I saw Donna Karen's Great Gatsby-esque line come down the runway. And in those fabulous autumn colors, makes me want to skip through spring and summer! The drapery, the shapes, the color, all absolutely flawless.

Last night the poorly attended Grammy's was not the only awards show. Across the pond, the BAFTA Awards, the British version of the Academy Awards, went down and had a very glittery red carpet with dramatic backs, sleeves and wonderfully subtle and natural hair styles. What a great way to kick start a week that is sure to be filled with English style as London Fashion Week has kicked off as well.

And that about sums it up for today. Expect to see a Jenni Kayne inspired weather report tomorrow, as well as the first news from London Fashion Week. Also don't forget Valentines day is Thursday and I have a very fun post planned for that! Have a great day, and enjoy whatever your locations weather brings you and have fun with your fashion choices! Just skip on that awful faux-hawk look a la Alicia Keyes.  


Jagifer said...

Great first day. I love your analysis of the fashion scene and your suggestions for today.

CousinSarah said...

Great idea love the title and look forward to more high fashion commentary and advise. We need info on North Carolina added to your itinerary.