Monday, February 25, 2008

The Good, The Red & The Ugly

Good morning everyone! So today is my first day with complete nation coverage! So as usual with changes, I would love to hear all of your opinions so please leave your comments on whether you like or dislike these changes, or if you have any other ideas to improve this blog! 
With that said, we have A LOT  to get through today, so let's start with the forecasts. Today's inspiration is pulled from the guests of Milan fashion week, which has just ended. So with that, I give to you the stylish fashionistas of Milan.

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Okay, on to the red carpet! The Oscars this wear were celebrating their 80th year and what a better way to celebrate then with everyone showing up and the writer strike over! While I would have liked to see Juno win more (mainly because it's the only movie I actually saw), I can' t really complain about anything accept maybe some of the dress choices! So, since I know nothing about the actual movies, let's move on to the red, and let me say it was a very RED carpet.
Cameron Diaz looked flawless in this pale Dior gown. There was something so effortless about her loosely tied blond hair and natural makeup, I just loved the whole look.
Keri Russel parted from her usual laid back style and really glammed things up for the red carpet. I, for one, really loved seeing this new side of Keri and thought she pulled off this Nina Ricci dress. Her hair and make up flawlessly followed suit and she had my favorite Oscar look. 
Hilary Swank, who I've never really been a fan of, really looked great in this dramatic, black Versace number. 
Jennifer Garner's Oscar De La Renta wasn't my favorite, but some how with her perfect hair, make-up and jewelry choices she really pulled this look together and look amazing. 
Red dresses really took over the red carpet this year. Perhaps as an ode to the legendary Valentino red after his retirement? Everyone who chose this route looked great and really pulled off this daring color. 
Anne Hathaway's Marchesa dress was a beautiful one shouldered embellished piece and she really pulled off that color.
Heidi Klum (who I can't figure out for the life of me why she was there?) wore a red John Galliano dress that I have to say I don't think anyone but her could pull off.
Katherine Heigl, who is another person I have pretty much always hated on the red carpet till now, really looked stunning in this bold red Escada gown. 
Miley Cyrus, again another random guest, rocked the red. Now, I'm not going to lie, I sort of adore Hannah Montana (I mean she has the best of both worlds!) and must admit this 15 year old is growing on me. Her red dress really was a Valentino and she looked fabulously chic and sophisticated in it. 

Okay now for the not so pretty... Now while Amy Adams' Proenza Schouler dress was a stunning shade and looked great on her, she makes the ugly list because of that little gold bag. While you may be thinking, "but that bag works and is cute!" here's what's wrong, THERE IS NOTHING IN IT. While watching E!'s Red Carpet special, they asked her to hold it up and it was completely empty, nothing was in it. Why not just wear a fabulous gold cuff instead of toting around a completely useless purse. I know that may be a harsh reason to put her on my worst dressed list but if that doesn't scream fashion victim I don't know what else does. Marion Cotillard, whom I adore and am so pleased she won, sorta blew it for me this time around. She usually looks sophisticated and so french! But something about this scale-y, white gown was a little off. Okay, Tilda Swinton just looked creepy. While Lanvin is one of my favorite designers, this dress just did not look good on Swinton and she looked very um, alien. Besides Miley Cyrus, I was pretty disappointed by the young-ins. Saoirse Ronan's dress color matched her eyes perfectly giving her a VERY creepy look, and Ellen Page just looked SO blah and so plain jane. 

ANY WAY, enough of the Oscars, enough with today's super long post. Paris fashion week begins today so I'm SO EXCITED for that. Don't forget to let me know what you think of the new forecast and feel free to share your Oscar opinions! Have a great day everyone! 


amylovesyou said...

Love the new national forecast and the red carpet rundown. Keep up the fabulous work!!

Jagifer said...

It is only fitting that you should go to a national format, the demand is there. Your "Red carpet" comments were very interesting, but I thought Marion Cotillard looked great.